We have been privileged to become acquainted with many caring and generous clients during our years in this community.  The picture at left was drawn by the granddaughter of a former patient as she observed Jim at work. It is one of our favorite works of art.

Our clients often provide their feedback about our staff and their results.  Several years ago, one of them wrote the following article that was subsequently published.  We think this “says it all” about how we strive to serve.


Reprinted from “The Clearbrook Courier”

“Recently, I have written about a Hometown Hero and Hometown Celebrities.  Now read about our Hometown Mensch (a mature, admirable, unselfish human being).  This person is a hero because we can credit him with the help he has given to so many people in this and surrounding communities.  He is a celebrity because all you have to do is mention his first name and most everyone will know who he is.  His popularity equals other “one-namers,” e.g., Donald, Hillary, Cher, A-Rod, Brad and many more A-list, red-carpet personalities.  I will honor him by respecting his modesty and refer to him as ‘Anon.’

“Anon’ had his beginnings in this area many years ago with a very impressive resume concerning his education and experiences.  Similar to the mighty oak on Prospect Plains and Applegarth Roads, he was also a little acorn who grew into a mighty oak.  He is totally committed to his work.  Whatever employees you come in contact with at the office are clones of ‘Anon.’  They are all menschen (plural of mensch).

“As you read this you may be wondering if there is anything negative about ‘Anon.’  I must admit there are two negatives.  He is an avid Red Sox fan and doesn’t serve decaf coffee in the office.  But, and this is a big but, the large candy jar of Hershey Kisses on the front desk is the one positive that washes out the two negatives.

“I have always wondered how I could shout it out from the roof about this awesome individual.  This column is the vehicle.

“From me and from all the people who want to do the same – thank you, thank you, thank you.”